Healthy Eating No Matter Where You Are

With the beginning of travel season just ahead, it is timely to share tips and encouragement to eat well on the road and wherever your journeys may take you! Thank you to Cole Mill for contributing to today’s post. You can check out more of his healthy living tips at his blog, Cole’s Mill.

When you go on the road, there is no reason to resign yourself to an extra five or ten pounds. There are so many opportunities to have high-fat deep-fried food while you are on vacation, and if you don’t have a plan, it’s going to be very easy to simply pile your plate high and forget all about your dietary goals. Take a moment to think about how you can stay on top of your eating while you are out of town.


Eat Fresh

The rules that work at home also work while you are on road. Before you head to your hotel or wherever you are staying, pick up some healthy snacks like fruit. Whether you love apples, oranges, plums or peaches, pick up a bag and leave them close to hand. Fruit is great because you can eat it out of hand, and it requires no cooking at all. The sweetness of fruit helps you avoid sugary treats like candy.

Plan Out Your Meals

Any nutritionist will tell you that you should plan your meals. If you know what kind of meals you are going to be eating, you will not have to make snap decisions that will end with you at a fast food restaurant. You can use online maps to find out what food options are available in the area or on the way. Make it a point to avoid fast-food spots if you can; instead look for places where you can sit down.

Picking the Right Hotel

Often overlooked, being in the right hotel that can accommodate to your healthy lifestyle can make all the difference in the world. Doing a little research to determine the best place to stay is very important. I have tried all sorts of methods and determined that the most effective form of research is online reviews. I was recently traveling out west and found a great site that listed the hotels in Las Vegas along with reviews regarding not only their amenities but also on restaurants nearby and things to do. This was so very helpful and was pivotal in booking the perfect hotel for my lifestyle.

Salad and Fish

There are some restaurants that are going to be better for you than others. For example, avoid buffets and any sort of all-you-can eat facilities. Places like this encourage overeating, and you’ll find that it is hard to stick with your rules when you are confronted with a buffet. Instead, look for a salad bar, where you can have as many greens as you like, or for a place that specializes in baked fish or steamed fish. If you can avoid the bad foods and make the right and healthy choices than you will be in great shape!

Thanks Cole! Also, check out some of my tips for eating while cruising without gaining those extra pounds, as well as staying active on and off ship!

“Dining Out While Traveling” Guide

Traveling? Looking for a healthy spot to dine? Check out this site-  Eat Well Guide. Just plug in your location, and find a list of restaurants, farmer’s markets, co-ops, and more. A great tool to use to explore your local area tool!