Candy for Troops, Cash for Kids

Thankfully, here in Melbourne, we have a dentist that buys Halloween candy from kids and ships it overseas to the troops. Dr. Ron Richardson gives $1 for each pound of candy, along with a toothbrush, and a Happy Meal coupon. (I will politely decline the latter 🙂 ) If you live along the Space Coast, he is hosting this annual “party” today from 3-5 PM at his office at 1704 Airport Blvd. Last year I went in the morning and just handed the candy to them. No “rewards” were being handed out at that time, but I was just happy to see the mounds of sugary stuff disappear!

So Google your city’s name along with ‘dentist Halloween candy’ and see if you get a hit. Ditch the extra candy so the temptation is long gone !