Are You a Prius or a Corvette?

Even though the price of gas is starting to drop, it is still too expensive to just go gallavanting around town. Cars that get 30+ miles per gallon are in high demand. In today’s world, a driver needs a car that conserves fuel rather than a sports car that burns gas quickly. While this approach to fuel conservation applies to automobiles, the opposite is true when we focus on how are bodies function.

We don’t want to be a fuel-efficient Toyota Prius that slowly burns fuel. We want to be  a muscle car – a Corvette – one that guzzles gas. The best way to become have a sports car engine is to build muscle.

People view cardio as the best calorie-burning activity available. Yes, cardio is vital, but the best way to ensure a “muscle car”-like physique is to weight train. Adding muscle mass creates caloric burn. When you do this, your “6.2 L engine” requires extra fuel to make your “car” perform to its max. A person who builds muscle, burns more fuel (calories) and actually requires that he or she eat more.  Now that is news we all like to hear! So, when you have a high muscle mass, you burn more calories in whatever you do whether you are walking, driving, doing chores, or just sitting. Keep up the cardio, but make sure to add weights to your exercise routine, and you will have quicker and long-lasting results.

The Benefits of Weight Training

  • Increases caloric burn
  • Reduces bone loss (ladies!!)
  • Helps prevent injuries
  • Keeps you energized
  • And it looks good!