Why I Love Thursdays!

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Thursdays begin our down time for the weekend. One of my favorite things about today is picking up our organic box of produce from Lily’s Organic Produce. After we pick up Aleyah from school, we swing by and get our fruits and veggies. When we get home, I put the kids to work washing, cutting, and eating. Today, Anna gave the corn on the cob a haircut before they went into the oven. She also helped cut the romaine. Joel helped season the zucchini and squash before they also went into the oven, and Aleyah helped with the romaine after her homework was finished. And what they cut up and fix, they more often than not will also eat. I also love that this box is an assortment of produce, and it makes me try various items that I might not normally purchase at the supermarket. So here’s to Thursday nights at the Terry household!