Running Recovery

Despite a 20+ mph east wind, we were able to complete 10.5 miles at just under a 10 minute pace. Not too bad for my first time! It is vital to eat and drink after a hard workout. Complex carbs and protein are a must to minimalize the fatigue on the body. My post-run recovery meal today was a Peanut Butter and Banana smoothie. A little trick that I use…peel ripe bananas, wrap individually in foil, and stick them in the freezer. Pull one out when needed. This makes the smoothie extra cold!

Protein-Packed PB and Banana Shake
1 cup almond milk (You can use regular milk- I just prefer the almond milk)
1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
1 banana
2 T peanut butter
1 T honey

Pour all ingredients into blender and mix until smooth. Makes about 2 cups.