Shopping for Organic on a Budget

The biggest challenge to eating whole, clean, and organic is cost. I am unable to purchase everything I would like when it comes to buying organic and all-natural products. I must decide on certain items and against others in order to stay within our budget. Last week, Fox News Health posted 10 Secrets to Affordable Organic Foods. which includes tips such as buying from your local coop, prioritizing your organic purchases, and utilizing frozen foods.

In addition to this, check out the Johnson family’s blog –   True Food Movement -Whole Foods Thrifty Challenge. This family spent just under $490 at Whole Foods for one month’s worth of groceries. She speaks of the challenges of shopping on a budget, but also the rewards of eating whole and clean (even thought it was tough at first!). It’s always helpful to have someone in your shoes to take on a challenge such as this and share their own valuable experiences and tips.

I hope this gives you some helpful hints, and that you are able to find 2 or 3 ways to help you shop for the right foods while not going over budget.