5 Habits to Staying Slim and Healthy

unhealthy foodBig Mac – 550 Calories and a 5.5 mile run for me to burn it off (if I can make it with the 29 g of fat sitting in my tummy!) No, thanks!

Health.com just published an article titled:

5 Habits of Naturally Slim People You Should Steal

While all five tips are great, my favorite is the 5th and final one: “Forego what’s so-so”. I first started living out this tip by knowing that I burn approximately 100 calories per mile run. If I eat a cookie that’s 150 calories, is it worth a 1.5 mile run, or am I just mindlessly eating it? Eventually, it became something I didn’t have to think through as much. Store-bought, mediocre-tasting, and mystery ingredients are foods I steer clear of. Here is Cynthia Sass’ final tip. Check out the full article here.

Forego what’s so-so

One of the biggest insights many of my clients gain is just how often they eat things they don’t even really like, something naturally slim people rarely do. When you begin to eat more mindfully, the experience of eating something that’s not flavorful, or unsatisfying, is such a let down, it doesn’t make sense to keep eating. And eating something that doesn’t really do it for you often leads to overeating or prolonged eating, in an attempt to become satisfied, which typically results in feeling stuffed–and still unsatisfied. One of my clients recently experienced this while out to dinner with her hubby. They ordered a dessert that looked amazing, but after one bite she realized it was just meh. She put down her spoon, and decided to have a few squares of dark chocolate when she got home instead. This was not a restrictive move, but an it’s-not-worth-it-when-it’s-not-worth-it shift that has changed the way she eats, and resulted in a diet-free body transformation.