Off and Running! A Plan to Get You Going

It was April of 1997 that I gave running a shot. I started off by walking one minute, and then running one minute. I did this rotation for about 20 minutes. I followed this pattern for the first few runs, and then I extended my running intervals a bit until I eventually was running a mile before I reached my walking segment. By the time I went to FSU in August of ‘97, I was running three miles. I would leave my dorm, head across the front of campus, then back and around the stadium (home to two National Champion Teams!), and up through the center of campus back to my dorm. So began my running career. The start of it all was to lose weight, and there were many times I dreaded heading out. But now I truly love to get out there and go. It is a small snippit of time when I have no one calling out “Mom’, no one tugging on my shirt, and no demands being made of me. If you have ever thought about giving running a try, check out Runner’s World Magazine for their beginner’s running plan. It’s similar to the one that set my feet on the runner’s path.

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