Jenga and a Poetic Masterpiece

Do you remember that game, Jenga, where you pull a wooden block from the tower, place it  on top, and hope that your decision doesn’t mean the fall of the whole building? I remember that there were times that I tried to loosen a certain block but, as I tried tapping, it wouldn’t budge. This game was brought back to mind as I read Ephesians 2. In verse 20, Paul talks about Jesus being the chief cornerstone, and we, his followers, are the ‘building, being fitted together’ and ‘built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.’ Jesus is that immovable Jenga block, and we are the movable pieces. While our unsteady status can seem disheartening, we have the promise of Eph. 2:10. We are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ to do good works. The Greek word for masterpiece is ‘poiema’ which is where we derive our word, poem. We are a poem designed by the Master. Just as one would handle an original Picasso with care, we are to treat ourselves in the same manner. We too often have the tendency to place our own spirituality, our own health, and our own emotional stability on the back burner. If we have neglected our own body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, then we become a loose piece within the “Jenga tower””- the church body. The good news is that Jesus remains the unshakable chief cornerstone. It is through Him that we receive our strength to once again become a steady stone. Take some time to feed your mind with God’s Word, to fill your emotional tank through loving others and receiving love in return, and to fuel your body with nutrition and exercise. Receive some encouragement from Lysa TerKeurst as she challenges you to make the courageous choice in her daily devotional.

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