Cycling Saturdays

While I have a million things to be doing today, I could not pass up the opportunity to sneak in a quick causeway run when my car read 72 degrees and there was not a cloud in the sky! It is a gorgeous day here, and I needed to take advantage of it.

While running is my “thing”, it may not be yours. I have never gotten into cycling, but I have family and friends who ride. I know that on any given Saturday morning, many cyclists are out riding and riding far. Here on the Space Coast, we have the Infinity Bike Shop where they specialize in all things related to bikes- from gear to training tips to the Tour de France. So whether you are a hard-core cyclist, training for a tri, or a casual biker, check them out or find a bike shop in your area to get acquainted with fellow enthusiasts and to learn more about the sport.

No matter what your cup of tea may be, I hope you take advantage of this day and do something physical! Enjoy the weekend!!

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