Lemon Walnut Chicken for a Flat Tummy

My husband is off camping with the youth group, so the kids and I had my in-laws over for dinner tonight. I made a new recipe from Fitness Magazine’s Flat Ab Diet.

Lemon Walnut Chicken

The Lemon Walnut Chicken was delicious! I changed it up a bit by grilling the chicken and then making the topping on the stove. I also grilled zucchini, scallions, and mushrooms in my grill basket, and then threw some peach and plum halves on there too. I made a greek yogurt and honey topping for the grilled fruit. My father-in-law had never had grilled peaches, and he loved them. My kids loved the yogurt topping! Check out the other recipes in this diet. The shrimp and avocado rice bowl looks delicious too.

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