The Longest Run of My Life

I received a text from my sister-in-law the other day asking me if I could run 10 miles with her on Friday. “Sure!” I texted back and then realize that the furthest I’ve ever run was 6 miles (and that not very often at all). I begin to hope that I will actually be able to finish the run since I have not trained for it. Despite that, I accepted the challenge without the assurance of ever having completed that distance. I do know that my consistent running will be the one thing that will help me press through the tough moments that I know will come.

Sometimes life throws a challenge our way that we must face without the proper “training” with which to tackle it. A heart-breaking trial is difficult to overcome, but, just as my consistency in running will help me in completing my longest distance yet, a consistent walk with Jesus can ensure that my hardest struggle in life will be handled with peace and hope. If we neglect our daily walk with the Lord, we are that seed that grew up and was strangled by the worries of the world. (Matt. 13:22) We will face trials- that is a promise from Jesus. Train now for that hardship that will one day present itself. Remain in Jesus and the challenge that you encounter, even though you wonder how you will go on, will be handled through faith, in grace, and with hope. And, at the end, victory through Jesus is oh so sweet!

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