Celebrating My First Born

Six years ago today I became a mom. Aleyah Danyal entered this world and changed our lives forever. I love the young lady that she is becoming. The qualities that I love about her are…

  • Her confidence – She has this amazing assurance of who she is and what she wants.
  • Her energy – She can run circles around me!
  • Her independence – From day one, she has always loved to do things on her own. In fact, this is what gets her into the most trouble!
  • Her empathy – She is tender-hearted and is quick to reach out to others, especially when they are hurting.
  • Her servant attitude – She loves to help me in the home whether it is cooking, folding clothes, making beds, or watching her little brother.
  • Her initiative – Just like her daddy, she is a go-getter and I know she will succeed in whatever she sets out to do.
  • Her love for God – Her questions and observations amaze me, and I know she is not far from totally grasping the sacrifice that God made for her.

Happy Birthday to the one who gave me the blessing of being called “mom”!

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  1. Happy Birthday to my sweet niece! Aunt Jenn loves you!


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