Signing Off to Sail Away!

It is time for a much needed break for Scott and me. We are sailing off this afternoon, and heading towards Mexico! Therefore, I am taking a blogging break so I can enjoy my uninterrupted time with my husband. But don’t worry! I am bringing lots of good reading material and plan on sharing any and all new healthy insights I glean. But just to rub it in a bit, here are the things I plan to do…

  • Read and sleep by the pool
  • Workout while overlooking the ocean
  • Catch a show or two
  • Play golf (onboard!)
  • Snorkel
  • Go down a zip line
  • Eat authentic Mexican food!!!!!!
  • Sleep in
  • Enjoy my time with my husband (who plans to workout 2 times a day so he can eat more)

I am thankful that God has provided the funds for us to go and the grandparents to watch our kids. Your prayers for us, our kids, and our parents are coveted! Bon Voyage!!!

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