As I Approach the Thanksgiving Table…

As I Approach the Thanksgiving Table…

  1. I make sure I am not starving. I keep up my regular, daily eating plan so that I do not overeat when it is dinner time.
  2. I plan. Because my diet and food desires have changed over the past several years, I don’t crave the extra-heavy sides and accompaniments on the grazing table. My typical meal is smoked turkey breast and a large salad. It is what I like and what I enjoy, so that is what I stick to. Then, I am able to enjoy one of my homemade desserts without feeling miserably full or terribly guilty.
  3. I bring my own healthy dishes if need be. I know that my stepdad will be smoking turkey and that my uncle will be bringing a large tossed salad, so I am set there. However, I am making a couple of desserts so I know that my after-dinner treat is clean and light.
  4. I don’t let one day dictate my success or failure. Since I very rarely eat dessert, I will not allow this one meal to make me feel like a failure. I will savor my Thanksgiving dinner and know that this one treat will not disrupt my lifestyle of healthy eating.

Here are some other stay-healthy tips from the Cleveland Clinic for all the upcoming holidays:

  • Keep up with your regular exercise routine, and stick to a regular schedule of healthy, nutritious meals.
  • Get plenty of sleep each night.
  • Find a few minutes to do something fun each day.
  • Make sure your holiday goals are realistic.
  • Enjoy the season with people who are supportive.
  • Take a break from your hectic schedule when you need it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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