Summer Cooking Class – 2 Weeks Available!!

If you live along the Space Coast and are looking for something to keep your kids occupied, I am planning on doing two  camps this summer. Each 4-day camp will be 2 days of cooking, 1 day of meal planning (the kids will choose from one of three menus) and grocery shopping, and the 4th day will be making what they planned and shopped for. The cost will be $50 per student per camp, or $90 for two siblings. The dates are:

Tuesday, May 29th-Friday, June 1


Monday, June 18th- Thursday, June 21st

Each day will start at 10:30 and will end at 12:30. This is a hands-on class where they learn cooking and baking techniques, how and why to make healthy food choices, and have the opportunity to enjoy and savor their handiwork! Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. This is first come, first serve.

Click here and here to see some pictures from last summer’s classes.

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  1. Bridgett Anderson

     /  May 9, 2012

    I have two kids, ages 7 and 8 that would love the class. How do I sign them up?

    • Wholly Hot Mama

       /  May 10, 2012

      My first week is full. The second week, June18-21 is still available. If you would like me to place them in that class, just let me know. I will be sending out permission forms sometime next week.

      • Bridgett

         /  May 11, 2012

        Yes, If it is still available please reserve two spots for me. Thank you!

      • Wholly Hot Mama

         /  May 12, 2012

        Been out of town and getting caught up on e-mails and such, so I don’t remember if I responded to you already. But wanted to let you know I’ve reserved 2 spots for you.

    • Laura

       /  May 25, 2012

      Is this the Bridgett that used to live next to Cindi and Dave?????

      • Bridgett

         /  May 31, 2012

        Sorry for the delay, the message was sent to my junk mail. Yes, this is Bridgett who lived next door to Cindi and Dave. Is this Laura, Dave’s sister?

      • Laura

         /  May 31, 2012

        Yes! Hope ya’ll are well! How do you know Michele? Such a small world. We’re going up to see Dave & family next weekend. Lindsey turns 7 next Sat so we’re going to up to celebrate.

  2. I am interested for my 7 year old daughter as well. I need a bit more info and was wondering if you could reserve a spot for us but email me as well to answer a few questions.. Thanks Estelle

    • Wholly Hot Mama

       /  May 15, 2012

      I will reserve a spot for your daughter. What questions do you have for me?


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