A Successful Cooking Class!

Yesterday I hosted a kids’ cooking class at my house. I am not sure who had more fun- me or the 7 girls! We made our own whole wheat pizza dough, they patted out their own individual crusts, and put on the toppings. We made a tomato and carrot balsamic salad to accompany our pizza pies, and, for dessert, I grilled up some peaches and plums and served them with a dollop of cinnamon honey yogurt.

The girls had a great time with all the hands-on involvement that cooking provides. We were able to talk about the ingredients we were using and their benefits. Of course they all got a kick out of learning about fiber- I informed them that fiber keeps you pooping! Lots of laughs from that statement!

Thank you girls for making my day with your smiles, laughter, and gratefulness. You are just as wonderful as your mommies! I am definitely looking forward to doing again next Tuesday!

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  1. How sweet, they look like they are having a great time!.

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