Fun at Food Revolution Day

This past Saturday was my “Mother’s Day”. With a husband in the ministry, Sundays are just not an ideal time for me  celebrate a special occasion, so Saturday was my day to claim as my own. My mom came over in the morning and allowed me to get in a run before we took the kids to Food Revolution Day.

It was a beautiful day at Rockledge Gardens thanks to the weather and the luscious landscaping. The kids enjoyed the fountains, ponds, and the butterflies that fluttered about them.

We test-tasted

  • carrot salad
  • carrot juice
  • black bean and salsa dip
  • peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches
  • green smoothies
  • spicy vegetarian sausage

I also had the opportunity to hand out samples of my Spiced Fig Hummus in hopes of drumming up some future business as I get ready to apply for my food license!

They had the opportunity to plant cucumber seeds as well.

They also received an “Eat the Rainbow” chart which is an excellent visual aid to get kids (or yourself) to eat each color of the rainbow every day. Click here to download the chart, or get the kids even more involved by having  them make their own chart of rainbow colors.

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