Breakfast at Michele’s – Day 4 of Cooking Class

As part of our week together, I let the kids choose our meal for the final day. I gave them 3 option:

  • BBQ
  • A pasta dish OR
  • Breakfast

They chose breakfast by an overwhelming majority! We scrambled eggs, made whole wheat pancakes, turkey sausage, and grits (the yellow, wholesome kind- not the stripped-clean of nutrients, white kind). Our pure maple syrup was spruced up  with peanut butter (just mix equal parts syrup with peanut butter with a dash of cinnamon and place in the microwave for about 30 seconds until PB is melted).  They had the option of adding in granola and blueberries into their pancakes as well. Allowing the kids to be creative is not only fun for them, they are much more likely to eat what they’ve helped make. After the pancakes were through, they topped them with additional blueberries, granola, and strawberries. This was the favorite meal by far- I know because I asked 🙂 And what did we do when we were finished eating? Our wooden spoon people- very à propos after a week of cooking!

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