Publix Field Trip on Day 3 – Plan and Shop

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For Day3, we took a trip to our local Publix. We decided the day before that breakfast would be our final meal to make together. On the menu: eggs, sausage, grits, and pancakes. As we strolled through the store (amid many looks and stares!), we shopped for the breakfast items we needed and discussed the importance of the right ingredients. One of the Publix associates gifted us with hair nets. We all looked fabulous as you can see! A HUGE thank you to Publix for their gracious and patient employees and service- You are the BEST in town! And another thank you to Estelle Zaret for helping out and taking such beautiful pictures! Wish I could have posted them all! Check out her Facebook page to see her talent.

Check out our other Publix shopping trip!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Summer had a blast!!


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