A Safari and a Pizza

Keeping a family active does not always require registration fees, uniform purchases, and ticketed events. Sometimes it is simply getting outside and making sure everyone has the opportunity to move.

Last Thursday night was a rain-filled evening so I knew Friday morning would be “cool” and an ideal time to get out early before the sun beat down. Scott was still away on a youth trip, so by 8:30 the kids and I went on a wildlife “safari” at out local park. (I’m still trying to decide whether we were looking for the wild animals or if I brought the wild animals!)

With binoculars, camera, and notepad and pen in hand, we set out to explore. We came upon a bunny eating breakfast, hundreds of mushrooms that Joel loved stomping on, butterflies, and a variety of birds. They were also fascinated by their footprints that appeared as they walked through the morning  dew.

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For lunch that day, we had an awesome pizza that was recommended to me by my friend Sara. It came from a blog titled, “Eat.Drink.Smile.” and the pizza crust is made from cauliflower, mozzarella cheese, egg, and herbs. My kids ate 2-3 slices each, and I have leftover cauliflower in my freezer to make another pie sometime soon. Next time I will let the crust cook a bit longer, and then allow it to cool for several minutes before slicing. This helped the crust set a bit more. It has a great flavor and crisps up along the edges!

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  1. What a fun day!! I’m going to give this pizza recipe a try!


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