A Birthday Wish


This week I turn 34. I’m not much of a birthday person- never have been. My mom says I cried when they sang “Happy Birthday” to me on my very first birthday. I think its because I’m a “behind the scenes” kind of girl and being center stage is far from my favorite place to be. I can take or leave presents. They’re nice to get but it’s not my love language. I’m simply content with the well-wishes extended to me and a nice dinner with my family.

But this year, I am asking for something. I would love for my readers to devote 34 minutes of their time this week to being fit and healthy.

You can take that 34 minutes and  work up a good sweat, or use that time to make a clean and whole meal with or for your family. Or divide those moments up and do both. Knowing that others are doing what they can to take care of their bodies would be a wonderful gift to me! If you choose to “gift” me (and yourself!) 34 minutes of your time, please leave a comment below and share what you did!

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