Florida Shortcake


20130304-211241.jpgSaturday, during my trip to Whole Foods, I bought their New York-style Cornbread (surprise, surprise). We ate it with our Chex Mix Chicken after church yesterday, and then with leftover soup and chicken with last night’s dinner. As we finished up last night, Aleyah decided that we should make a strawberry shortcake with the leftover cornbread. What a fabulous idea! So tonight, after ballet for the girls and basketball for Joel, we had Black Beans and Brown Rice with Organic Chicken Thighs and Al Fresco Chicken Sausage. (Oh was it yummy!) Then we ended it all on a sweet note – our new Florida Shortcake. Pairing two of Florida’s favorite crops- strawberries and corn- was a match made in “Cracker” heaven 🙂 We topped the shortcake with a scoop of Stonyfield’s Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt and created a table of smiles.

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  1. ❤ Strawberry shortcake!! There is nothing more delicious. 🙂

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