Phys/Men/ter/cise – n. Exercising both body and mind simultaneously

This is my new name for my 90 minute ballet class. When I started the beginner’s class in January, it was just to refresh my memory with the names of the steps and my body with the movements. Now that I’ve moved myself  “up” to the next level, I find that this is both a workout for my mind and my body. I must say that there is often a disconnect or a slow motion synapse between my brain and my body. I hear the names of the steps, the sequence that they are to be done in, and even see them demonstrated by the teacher. But that doesn’t always mean I get it right. I must say that today I felt more confident at the barre. The floor work, however, is still a struggle. My mind comprehends, but those French words get lost in translation, and they don’t always flow out gracefully through my body. Nonetheless, I am exercising both my mind and my body and, while I love the often “mindlessness” I find in running, I also like the challenge of relearning and reacquainting myself with an old love- ballet.

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