Sweetness Abounds!


After a lull in production as I am expanding, here are some of the new features to my hummus:

  • A new commercial kitchen! This is a “working” kitchen not a retail spot (at this time), but customers are more than welcomed to schedule a time to come by and pick up orders.
  • Super-charge your hummus with a special order of ground flax seeds.
  • Create a nut-free hummus with sunflower butter in place of an almond or peanut base.
  • Visit me at the Thursday Rockledge Farmer’s Market and at the West Melbourne’s Farmer’s Market on Fridays. I am still at the Melbourne Beach Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.
  • A new possible retail spot – stay tuned!
  • Gift certificates are now available 🙂
  • New recipes using sweet hummus are continually being added to my blog so keep checking them out – just click on ‘Sweet Hummus Recipes’ to the right.
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