Move #4 & 5 in the Path to Better Health


Tip #4 & #5 – Appointment and Accountability

Since I missed posting last week’s tip, I am tying tip #4 and #5 in together since they can go hand-in-hand at times.

Tip #4 is to make your workout a priority by making an appointment with yourself. Placing it in your schedule by typing it into your smartphone calendar keeps you focused on the goal. As a mom, I love to “check off” items on my to-do list, and exercise is one thing I do for myself and, therefore, is a benefit to my family since I feel a sense of accomplishment afterward.

Tip #5 is to have accountability with a friend and make an exercise date with him or her. Once again, it’s scheduled and you are less likely to skip it. Friends also encourage and push you along the way.


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