Hand-picked Blueberry Pancakes

20140527-210018.jpgToday we had the opportunity to go to a local blueberry farm and pick our own berries. The morning was perfect and the berries sweet! We ended up with about 13 lbs of blueberries, and so dinner HAD to be blueberry pancakes. What an aroma throughout our home!

Blueberry Pancakes

Mix milk, oil, and flax together. Allow to sit about 5 minutes for the flax to absorb some liquid. Place pancake mix into a large mixing bowl and stir in cinnamon. Add in milk mixture and stir just until combined. Pour batter into 3″ circles on a preheated griddle. (I set mine to 340.) While first side is cooking, gently place some blueberries onto the top of the pancakes. Flip when edges become dry. Cook another 2-3 minutes and then serve. Makes about 18 pancakes. Serve with nut butters, pure maple syrup, or honey.

I’m sure blueberry muffins will be part of our menu this week as well 😉



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