Sluggish From Sugar? Challenge Yourself!


I just read this post from Tosca Reno about finding your trigger “food”, some steps to take to eliminate it from your diet, and the results you will most likely see.  I see it is such a logical progression and a fairly easy challenge as it is just one food at a time. Hope this helps if you’re struggling in trying to clean up your food choices! 

From Tosca Reno’s June 3, 2015 blog post:

What do you eat today that makes you feel brain addled, foggy, irritable, inflamed and just plain sick? What food do you turn to every time to “solve” your problems? How do you ingest sugar and other anti-foods on a daily basis? Is it during breakfast, while watching a movie or driving? Where does the drug sugar live in your life? And what are the consequences? Are you ill? Depressed? Moody? Overweight? Do you drink too much (alcohol is sugar)? What extent would you go to, to reclaim your birthright of optimal health?

Provocative questions. Easy answer.

1. Name that one food, your sugar trigger.
2. Remove it from your diet today.
3. Ride out the tough few days of detoxing, because they will be there but they pass.
4. Eat Clean.
5. Drink more water.
6. Eat more healthy fat.
7. Feel the energy returning.
8. Watch the inflammation, illness, stiffness, foul moods and depression lift.
9. Watch your brain clear up as the Sugar Fog lifts.
10. Re-experience what it feels like to be truly alive.
My prediction is that soon we will see a robust campaign to warn against the evils of sugar. It will penetrate all we do, but consider this writing your early warning.

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