A Key to Grocery Shopping 


Do NOT be fooled by labels that make a product sound like a healthy choice. Peter Pan’s “Simply Ground” peanut butter is anything but “simply ground”. Hydrogenated oils (aka trans fat) are one of the very top ingredients to avoid. I always read the labels of new products I’m considering buying, so I know what I’m fueling (or inhibiting) my body with.

And true, simply ground peanuts taste much better than Peter Pan’s anyways! 😊

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  1. I buy “Teddy” peanut butter. My mom used to buy it in 3lb tin pails for the 4 kids she had to feed. It’s still made in Everett, MA and still contains peanuts and salt. Gotta have the salt.
    National brand always have something extra.

    • Wholly Hot Mama

       /  February 5, 2016

      Thanks for the tip! I like Aldi’s new Simply Nature’s PB too – peanuts and salt 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips! I avoid anything with hydrogenated oils these days, actually oils in general–when I can (except olive and coconut oil). Judging by the front label, this does look like a healthy choice…what a shame! I’ve started using almond butter as I’m also trying to avoid peanuts (so I’m not missing my peanut butter AS much as I used to). There’s so many great choices these days (of nut butters) but I agree with you that we always need to read the labels. Lots of sugar in this one too as it’s the second ingredient. Looks similar to Skippy!


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