A Key to Grocery Shopping 


Do NOT be fooled by labels that make a product sound like a healthy choice. Peter Pan’s “Simply Ground” peanut butter is anything but “simply ground”. Hydrogenated oils (aka trans fat) are one of the very top ingredients to avoid. I always read the labels of new products I’m considering buying, so I know what I’m fueling (or inhibiting) my body with.

And true, simply ground peanuts taste much better than Peter Pan’s anyways! 😊

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  1. I buy “Teddy” peanut butter. My mom used to buy it in 3lb tin pails for the 4 kids she had to feed. It’s still made in Everett, MA and still contains peanuts and salt. Gotta have the salt.
    National brand always have something extra.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I avoid anything with hydrogenated oils these days, actually oils in general–when I can (except olive and coconut oil). Judging by the front label, this does look like a healthy choice…what a shame! I’ve started using almond butter as I’m also trying to avoid peanuts (so I’m not missing my peanut butter AS much as I used to). There’s so many great choices these days (of nut butters) but I agree with you that we always need to read the labels. Lots of sugar in this one too as it’s the second ingredient. Looks similar to Skippy!


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