DEALS on Fitness and Health Magazines

Looking for motivation, ideas, and information to start the year off on a healthy note? Here are some great magazine subscription deals for the new year from

FREE Week Gym Membership or Cheap Workout DVDs for Your Home

24 Hour Fitness – FREE 7-day Pass!

This nationwide gym is giving out this free week-long pass to help you on your New Year’s Resolution.

Go HERE to get the deal, and go HERE to see if there’s a location near you.

OR, workout in your own living room with 2, 4-pack of exercise DVDs for just $14 (shipping starts at $2).

Great motivators to BEAT the start of everyone else’s resolution date!


A Little R&R for Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Scott and I just returned today from a 3-day mini vacation in Orlando WITHOUT the kids! It was a much needed respite after a long and busy fall. We try to get away as a couple at least once a year, and it is always worth the effort and money it takes to get out of town. This particular trip was a birthday present for me funded in part by my mom and in-laws. They also split the duty of caring for the three kids so, needless to say, we are thankful that God has blessed us with wonderful parents who are even more wonderful grandparents!

Another added bonus for us was the free meals that we had thanks to the generosity of restaurants that offer birthday greetings in the form of BOGO lunches and dinners! Here are the establishments that made our getaway delicious and inexpensive:

Sweet Tomatoes – I love making my own salad from their array of fresh vegetables and I had their tomato and spinach soup as well. Join “Club Veg” for their coupons.

Texas de Brazil – This was really one for my husband. I love their exotic salad bar, but I can only eat so much meat at this all-you-can-eat Brazilian-style steakhouse, so it is really a man’s place to go at that price. But with my free meal, it was worth the experience. The garlic-roasted sirloin was outstanding! (BTW- I just learned that sirloin is leaner than filet and has an extra 2 grams of protein per serving- a cheaper cut with better numbers!) Click on their site and join their “Rewards” program for the perks.

Maggiano’s Italian – This was our first time here, and is now one of my favorite spots. I had the Grilled Chicken Caprese Salad which I will be replicating here at home! Sign up to receive their e-mails and get $10 off a $30 purchase.

Benihana – Ahhhhh, sushi! I got the Spicy Tuna Roll, the Vegetable Roll, and the Rainbow Roll (all with brown rice) for FREE! I’m thinking this was my favorite meal… Click on “The Chef’s Table” to get the BOGO birthday deal.

First Watch – I love their Healthy Turkey Breakfast- an egg white omelet with turkey, feta, spinach, onions and tomatoes and served with fresh tomato slices and an english muffin. Order coffee, and they bring you a whole carafe 🙂 Join the Sun-e Club for discounts throughout the year.

While I enjoyed a brief getaway, I also enjoyed coming home to shouts of “Mommy!” and having the opportunity to tuck all three of my precious children into their beds on this cool night. These moments will be missed one day. I need to do a better job of relishing these times with the children that God has entrusted into our care.

How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you. Psalm 31:19

Health Magazine and Whole Living Magazine Deals

Now through December 3rd, you can get Health Magazine on Amazon for just $5!

Or you can get Whole Living Magazine for just $3.50 when you enter the code TOTALLYTARGET at checkout. This offer is good through midnight only.

VitaCost Deal -$15 for $30 Worth of Vitamins, Supplements, and Organic Groceries

Here is an awesome deal through Groupon and Vitacost … Get $30 worth of clean foods and supplements for just $15. Shipping is only $4.99 or free if you decide to make a purchase of $50 or more. offers a great selection of all-natural and organic foods and supplements. I was able to score a deal on my staple protein powder – Jarrow’s Brown Rice Protein- and Dr. Otker’s organic cake mixes. I spent about $20 (including shipping) on what would have roughly cost me  $55 at the local vitamin and health food stores. And since these are items that I typically use, it is a great deal!

Super Friday Deals for Food and Fitness!

One of our favorite foods here at the Terry household, Peeled Snacks, is offering another great deal on Savemore. Today’s  deal is a $13.00 for $30.00 Worth of Organic Peeled Snacks OR $19.00 for $49.00 Worth of Organic Peeled Snacks from! For first-time subscribers, you will receive a FREE  $10.00 credit when you sign up. So, you can buy $30.00 worth of fruit snacks for $3.00 OR $49.00 worth of fruit snacks for $9.00! (Shipping-$7- is not included.)

Great Motivators:

Also, you can grab a 1 yr subscription to Oxygen Magazine today for $4.58 when you use the coupon code PXSS1023.

OR, you can get Fitness Magazine for just $3.76 for 1 year with coupon code WKLYSPEC.

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Natural Health Magazine – $2.99 for a year!

Through Thursday at midnight, you can get a subscription to Natural Health Magazine for just $2.99 on Discount Mags! Use coupon code ORGANICDEALS to get the deal. You can get up to a 3 year subscription using this code ($8.97).

National Coffee Day! Free Coffee at 7 Eleven!

Happy National Coffee Day! Pick up a free coffee at 7Eleven or Krispy Kreme (just avoid the donuts!)

Yes To Carrots and Kiwi Magazine GREAT DEALS!

Here are 2 great deals available!

Yes To Carrots – I began using this face wash several months ago, and just bought some more at a recent sale at Walgreens. This deal on Bloomspot (San Diego) is a $35 voucher for just $15. You’ll receive an e-mail 24 hours after you purchase the deal, and it doesn’t expire until February 19th! You can start Christmas shopping early 🙂

Kiwi Magazine – This is available right now from Family Finds for $6 for a year’s subscription ( 6 issues). I LOVE this magazine! It’s a great resource for moms who like to eat clean and stay up to date on “green” products.

Coupons are Hard to Come By

While buying organic, all natural, or whole and clean foods is what I strive to purchase, they do  tend to be higher in price. Here are some of the websites I use to find deals and coupons for my favorite foods… This site offers many coupons and tips and articles for organic items. They also specialize in gluten-free diets. Match these up with Whole Foods coupons for double the savings! -One of my favorite sites, just  ‘Like’ this blog on FB and get posts whenever deals/coupons for organic items become available. – A site that has links to multiple organic sites/companies– I am very loyal to Kashi, We have a date every morning as I savor my quiet breakfast. Sometimes they provide coupons and/or free samples for their products. Right now on you can use zip code 34655 to get three coupons for Kashi items!– They always have coupons for some of their products. – You can find coupons for most of their products, and their points reward system (codes printed on their products) has earned me many free pints of greek yogurt and organic cereal! – Target has many coupons on their site, and you can often find coupons for organic or all-natural items. Pair these with manufacturer’s coupons for an even better savings. – This site allows you to earn points through various ways (from participating products, taking “quizzes”, etc.) and then using those point to buy coupons.

Amazon Subscribe & Save – Use this service of Amazon’s to get really good deals on your favorite healthy items. This automatically sends you your item at whatever interval you set up, and it gives you an additional savings too! I use this to get our favorite peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co.
If you have any other recommended sites that offer coupons/deals for items pertaining to a healthy lifestyle, please leave a comment so we can all enjoy!