Brewed Chocolate for Your Monday Morning (And Every Other Morning!)

Recently, I was introduced to Choffy- 100% pure cacao beans roasted and brewed for a coffee-like drink. It is great by itself or mixed with your morning cup of coffee. Here are some Choffy facts:

  • Has an ORAC rating of 4874.4- more antioxidants than 2 servings of blueberries
  • Only 20 calories per 8 oz cup
  • Contains Theobromine- a long-lasting stimulant that makes the heart’s job easier by dilating the cardiovascular system
  • Contains flavanols which help to prevent vascular disease

Get more information about Choffy here, and if you live along the Space Coast, Tina Descovich can help you get your first bag of Choffy. And it goes fabulously with your morning whole grain toast and sweet hummus!