Take the Money and Run!

I love running, and one of the pros of running is that it is relatively inexpensive. I go through about 3 pairs of shoes a year. I am thankful that I always get a good deal on my shoe of choice – Nike Shox. When I retire a pair of shoes, I actually sell them on eBay. I just sold my “old” pair last week and recouped just under half of what I paid for them! If you have an old pair of shoes around or some other kind of unused athletic gear, do your research and see if you can sell it so you can upgrade. I was very honest in my description of my shoes. I made sure to explain that they were my running shoes and the tread was worn in spots, but they were still a good-looking pair of sneakers to wear around town. You can also check out stores like Play It Again Sports to see if they would buy your items. Happy selling!!

Shoes- The Great Motivator!

There is an instant connection between lacing up my new pair of Nikes and my motivational trigger. I love trying out new running shoes for the first time.  It always pays off with a high-powered, feel-good run. Today was a gorgeous day to give my new Nike Shox a test drive. I took the risk of blisters and completed a long run in good time.

So, what is your motivation? How do you celebrate your accomplishments? I once did a 5 mile run with some ladies, and one said that she was heading off to have a large french toast breakfast to reward herself for a good run. For me, I think about how hard I just worked, and how I am not going to negate all that I just accomplished by heading off to consume all the calories I just burned. Find another way to reward yourself for achieving your goals. Whether it is escaping for an hour to read a book or magazine or buying new workout clothes, you will still feel rewarded without undoing all your success!

BTW – The best part of my run today was that, as I walked home as my cool down, I saw a familiar piece of paper on the sidewalk. I picked it up and scored a Winn Dixie ‘$5 off a $55 purchase’ coupon that I will be using later this week at Publix!! God is good! 🙂