Shoes- The Great Motivator!

There is an instant connection between lacing up my new pair of Nikes and my motivational trigger. I love trying out new running shoes for the first time.  It always pays off with a high-powered, feel-good run. Today was a gorgeous day to give my new Nike Shox a test drive. I took the risk of blisters and completed a long run in good time.

So, what is your motivation? How do you celebrate your accomplishments? I once did a 5 mile run with some ladies, and one said that she was heading off to have a large french toast breakfast to reward herself for a good run. For me, I think about how hard I just worked, and how I am not going to negate all that I just accomplished by heading off to consume all the calories I just burned. Find another way to reward yourself for achieving your goals. Whether it is escaping for an hour to read a book or magazine or buying new workout clothes, you will still feel rewarded without undoing all your success!

BTW – The best part of my run today was that, as I walked home as my cool down, I saw a familiar piece of paper on the sidewalk. I picked it up and scored a Winn Dixie ‘$5 off a $55 purchase’ coupon that I will be using later this week at Publix!! God is good! 🙂

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