Most people think of Christianity as a list of dos and don’ts. They see their lifestyle as becoming cramped and boring if they give control of their life over to God. The irony of dying to self and living for Jesus is that one actually finds an unexplainable freedom in living. The freedom from the sin that so easily entangles us allows for one to live without fear and with love. There is no life that is lived more abundantly than the one lived in Christ.

Today a friend of mine said she feels guilty sometimes when she reads my blog. That is not my intention, and I don’t want anyone to ever feel that. I simply share my healthy lifestyle because I love it! While I hesitate to compare eating and exercising to my relationship with Jesus, the freedom that I receive from being healthy is not so dissimilar to the freedom in my Christian walk. This 10- year or so process of changing how I eat and my exercise habits has enable me to feel good physically, emotionally, and mentally. The freedom from food addiction and being consumed with the struggle of losing weight has allowed me to focus on other important things in my life and have the energy to do so. My prayer is that this blog is a helpful and useful tool to help you become healthier. Changing your eating and incorporating daily exercise is NOT an overnight miracle. It is a process and a great learning experience. Enjoy the adventure and encourage someone else to join you on the ride!

This devotional by Lysa TerKeurst offers great insight into the struggle of trying to use food (or any idol!) as a replacement for Jesus. Check it out!

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