Aloha to Day 2 of Cooking Camp!

For Day 2 of our fun-filled cooking class, we flew into the Pacific and landed on the Hawaiian Islands. Our luau menu consisted of:

  • Grilled Polynesian Chicken – Marinated in pineapple juice and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and ginger

  • Coconut Brown Rice – Brown rice cooked in light coconut milk with some ginger and minced onion

  • Grilled Zucchini and Pineapple – Bite-sized pieces misted with olive oil and grilled in my grill basket

  • Hula Pie- Vanilla Ice Cream* that we allowed to soften, mixed with chopped macadamia nuts, in a graham cracker crust, with a dark chocolate topping

*I used the real thing. I almost went for the frozen yogurt or light ice cream, but the calories were the same per 1/2 cup serving. Yes, there is more fat in the ice cream, but it has all-natural ingredients- no corn syrup, no chemicals. I do love Stonyfield’s Frozen Yogurt but it is a bit pricey and the pie would’ve been a $25 dessert, so I went with the second best option.

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  1. Thanks for including us, the kids had a blast!! :Love to promote healthy eating!!

    • Wholly Hot Mama

       /  June 1, 2012

      Thanks for the photos! I had a HARD time choosing which ones to put on 🙂

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