Lemon Ginger Hummus – Brought to You by Summer!

lemonadeWelcome Lemon Ginger Sweet Hummus to my line up of flavors! Inspired by summer and my LOVE of all things lemon, this particular combination of lemon and ginger was sparked in my mind when my daughter, Anna, ordered lemonade ginger frozen yogurt at one of our local joints, Alpine Yogurt, in Satellite Beach. I was seriously surprised that she chose this flavor over all the other options, and after taking a taste of it myself, I understood why!

This wonderful marriage of the sweet golden raisins, the tartness of the lemons, and the tanginess of the ginger creates what I think is my favorite hummus thus far! I will only be offering this at the markets as of right now until I get my “official” labels so I can place them in Downtown Produce and The Green Turtle. Find me this Friday at the NEW Indialantic Market at Nance Park from 2-6 PM (Don’t forget – Bring your quarters for parking)  or at the Melbourne Beach Farmer’s Market on May 4th from 9-3 PM. You can also contact me directly to order.

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