School Snacks – An All-Morning Activity


Tomorrow, my girls head back to school. Today, my girls and boy headed into the kitchen. We made 5 different types of snacks for the upcoming few weeks.  Between ballet twice a week (soon to be 3x), football twice a week (also soon to be 3x), homework, ministry, and Scott and Joel heading back to school on Monday, this was our last chance to spend a chuck of time together creating and enjoying the fruits of our labor. The Chex Mixes stay fresh in an air-tight container for a couple of weeks. The muffins are individually wrapped and frozen. The bars are precut and also frozen in a container with wax paper separating the layers so they do not freeze together. With all these in place, I can be assured my kids have healthy snacks on hand when we are rushed. With that said, here is what we made today:



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  1. Mex Chex Mix with Cilantro Cream | Whole to the Core Blog

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