Pilates Certified Instructor…Coming SOON!!!


Guess what I did?! I just signed up to receive my Pilates certification! Last week at the RecSpo conference, God spoke to my heart, continued to speak, and confirmed today that this is what He wanted me to do. My certification course via Oklahoma Baptist University will be completed in mid-December, and I will be ready to start classes after the first of the year (and there will be one class every week that will be FREE!) Stay tuned for more details…

A Healthy Body by Aleyah


Here is a post by Aleyah, my 9 yr old daughter. These are her tips for living the healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually. 🙂


Aleyah D. Terry

Psalm 84:1  

How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD Almighty!!

God does not want your dwelling place (your body) unclean, so why not keep it clean?!

  • Drink 7-8 glasses of water

  • Get 8-9 hours of sleep

  • Do 1 hour of exercise or more

  • Eat right

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 

~1 Timothy 4:8

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

~3 John 1:2

Use It or Lose It – Physically AND Mentally


Upon returning yesterday to ballet (cast and all) after just 2 1/2 weeks off, I am feeling a bit sore today. Which reminds me that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! While we know that is true of us physically, Ohi0 State University researchers found that lack of exercise also leads to mental/cognitive loss. In research done on COPD patients, those that maintained their doctor-prescribed exercise routine scored higher than those who became sedative after their initial 10 week workout program. Building muscle power means building brain power!      

Move #4 & 5 in the Path to Better Health


Tip #4 & #5 – Appointment and Accountability

Since I missed posting last week’s tip, I am tying tip #4 and #5 in together since they can go hand-in-hand at times.

Tip #4 is to make your workout a priority by making an appointment with yourself. Placing it in your schedule by typing it into your smartphone calendar keeps you focused on the goal. As a mom, I love to “check off” items on my to-do list, and exercise is one thing I do for myself and, therefore, is a benefit to my family since I feel a sense of accomplishment afterward.

Tip #5 is to have accountability with a friend and make an exercise date with him or her. Once again, it’s scheduled and you are less likely to skip it. Friends also encourage and push you along the way.


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Dietary Aids Lead to Increased Liver Damage

keepcalm Dietary aids, such as green tea extract and other “fat burning” supplements, have recently been under scrutiny as new data emerges from the nation’s hospitals. Here is an excerpt from the NY Times article. Read the whole article here, and keep the weight off with these two good ol’ stand-bys: Healthy eating and exercise!

“Dietary supplements account for nearly 20 percent of drug-related liver injuries that turn up in hospitals, up from 7 percent a decade ago, according to an analysis by a national network of liver specialists. The research included only the most severe cases of liver damage referred to a representative group of hospitals around the country, and the investigators said they were undercounting the actual number of cases.” – ANAHAD O’CONNOR, NY Times

Move #3 in the Path to Better Health


Tip #3 – Get Moving

In order to get the benefits of health and longevity, you must move and move quickly. In a large and prolonged study of walkers, the National Walkers’ Health Study found it necessary to walk at a pace faster than 17 minutes per mile in order to (pretty significantly) decrease one’s chances of an early mortality. So enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life by putting some spring into your step and moving faster than a snail’s pace!

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Move #2 in the Path to Better Health


Tip #2 – Portion Control

I love this plate! It is a great visual to think upon as you fill a plate for lunch or dinner. Remember that your proteins should be lean (fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, organic lean beef), your grains are to be whole (brown rice, quinoa, farro, beans/legumes, or whole wheat items), and your veggies are to be lightly dressed in healthy, seasoned oils. If you are wanting to add fruit to this plate, I would replace or decrease the whole grains since these two groups (grains and fruit) are both good sources of carbohydrates.

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Today is Your Januray 1st.

if you start today

‘Tis the season for that post-Christmas, over-indulgence “hang over”. You’ve had a day to recover and now is a great time to start anew! Don’t wait until January 1 to make changes for your health. Here are some easy steps to take to start today:

  • Throw out leftovers … candy, cookies, and the rich, Christmas meal leftovers.
  • Enjoy moving! Exercise by doing an activity that you love and look forward to.
  • Drink lots of water or green tea.
  • Load up on fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits like oranges, pears, broccoli, greens, and squash.
  • Eat from a smaller plate – you place less on your plate AND your eyes see a full plate making your brain perceive that you will be satisfied with the meal.
  • Slow down…in both your schedule and your eating. The needed rest will drop cortisol levels (which can cause weight gain) and you can sit down and enjoy a meal rather than rushing through it and not knowing what and how much you just ate.
  • Learn that it’s okay to say “No thank you.” You can politely decline foods that are offered to you that don’t fit into your meal plan.
  • If you falter, start again with your next meal- not on the next day!


The Fat Cell Cycle – Know It to Stop It


I love this explanation of the vicious cycle of obesity. Dr. Scott Isaacs is an endocrinologist and weight loss specialist out of Atlanta, GA. You can ‘like’ him on Facebook to receive his frequent tidbits. This particular article was published in Publix’s Family Style Magazine, so pick one up to read the full article. I love finding these educational treasures! Take a few moments to read this article about the correlation between inflammation and disease…very eye-opening!

Fight Cold Season with Exercise


The American College of Sports Medicine released an article reporting a study that confirms that exercise can decrease the length of the common cold. Here is an excerpt, and you can find the remaining article here.

Can you prevent a cold through regular exercise? When surveyed, people who exercise on a regular basis report fewer colds than their inactive peers. Several exercise training studies with adults support this belief. In these studies, subjects in the exercise groups walked briskly 35-45 minutes, five days a week, for 12-15 weeks during the winter/spring or fall, while the control groups remained physically inactive. The results were in line with the fitness enthusiasts’ claims—walkers experienced about half the days with cold symptoms of the sedentary controls. Several large population studies have also shown that frequent aerobic activity compared to a sedentary lifestyle predicts fewer sick days during the cold season.