Crispy Sweet Carrot Pancakes – A Nod to Asheville


When we went to Asheville this summer, we discovered SOOOOOO many wonderful farm-to-table restaurants. Our favorite spot was Sunny Point Cafe. They have their own garden right next to the restaurant!


I had a wonderful “burger” of chickpeas, corn, walnuts, and carrots served with homemade green ketchup , and Scott had an ahi tuna burger that had generous chunks of fish throughout.


We were all overly happy with our meals. Anna’s pancakes were the talk of the table because of their sweetness and crispy outside. A re-creation of these flapjacks were a must! After a little internet research, I discovered that crispy pancakes require a hot oiled skillet and a thinner batter so they can cook through without burning. With a little bit of new found knowledge and some carrots and a grater in hand, I tackled this new recipe last week and the breakfast table was all smiles when the pancakes were served 🙂

Crispy Sweet Carrot Pancakes

Heat a skillet to a high temperature. I set mine at 380 degrees. Oil skillet with coconut oil (I love the flavor of the slightly sweet coconut oil with the carrots!) Place milk, water, oil, vanilla and flax into a large mixing bowl. Allow to sit a few minutes. Add in pancake mix and cinnamon and stir until just combined. Gently fold in carrots. Pour batter into circles (I use about 1/3 cup of batter per pancake) onto the skillet. Flip once edges begin to dry. Allow to cook an additional 2-3 on the other side. If they are crisping up but not cooking through, add a bit of water or milk until batter is thinner. I gave a few pancakes a try before I filled the whole skillet and found I needed to thin the batter out. Serve immediately with pure maple syrup or honey. You can freeze these for later on as well – wrap in foil and place in a freezer bag.

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