Priceless Portraits

This is my last post about my cooking class that I hosted last week. I couldn’t resist these beautiful faces and had to share them. Thank you to each child who came and to all the parents that allowed me the opportunity to teach them!  Check out my last 4 posts to see just how much fun we had together!

I am down to just 2 spots left for my second and final week (June 18-21) of cooking class if you or someone you know might be interested. Please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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These beautiful photos were taken by Estelle Zaret (EZ Photography)

Breakfast at Michele’s – Day 4 of Cooking Class

As part of our week together, I let the kids choose our meal for the final day. I gave them 3 option:

  • BBQ
  • A pasta dish OR
  • Breakfast

They chose breakfast by an overwhelming majority! We scrambled eggs, made whole wheat pancakes, turkey sausage, and grits (the yellow, wholesome kind- not the stripped-clean of nutrients, white kind). Our pure maple syrup was spruced up  with peanut butter (just mix equal parts syrup with peanut butter with a dash of cinnamon and place in the microwave for about 30 seconds until PB is melted).  They had the option of adding in granola and blueberries into their pancakes as well. Allowing the kids to be creative is not only fun for them, they are much more likely to eat what they’ve helped make. After the pancakes were through, they topped them with additional blueberries, granola, and strawberries. This was the favorite meal by far- I know because I asked 🙂 And what did we do when we were finished eating? Our wooden spoon people- very à propos after a week of cooking!

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Publix Field Trip on Day 3 – Plan and Shop

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For Day3, we took a trip to our local Publix. We decided the day before that breakfast would be our final meal to make together. On the menu: eggs, sausage, grits, and pancakes. As we strolled through the store (amid many looks and stares!), we shopped for the breakfast items we needed and discussed the importance of the right ingredients. One of the Publix associates gifted us with hair nets. We all looked fabulous as you can see! A HUGE thank you to Publix for their gracious and patient employees and service- You are the BEST in town! And another thank you to Estelle Zaret for helping out and taking such beautiful pictures! Wish I could have posted them all! Check out her Facebook page to see her talent.

Check out our other Publix shopping trip!

Aloha to Day 2 of Cooking Camp!

For Day 2 of our fun-filled cooking class, we flew into the Pacific and landed on the Hawaiian Islands. Our luau menu consisted of:

  • Grilled Polynesian Chicken – Marinated in pineapple juice and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and ginger

  • Coconut Brown Rice – Brown rice cooked in light coconut milk with some ginger and minced onion

  • Grilled Zucchini and Pineapple – Bite-sized pieces misted with olive oil and grilled in my grill basket

  • Hula Pie- Vanilla Ice Cream* that we allowed to soften, mixed with chopped macadamia nuts, in a graham cracker crust, with a dark chocolate topping

*I used the real thing. I almost went for the frozen yogurt or light ice cream, but the calories were the same per 1/2 cup serving. Yes, there is more fat in the ice cream, but it has all-natural ingredients- no corn syrup, no chemicals. I do love Stonyfield’s Frozen Yogurt but it is a bit pricey and the pie would’ve been a $25 dessert, so I went with the second best option.

Why I Love Thursdays!

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Thursdays begin our down time for the weekend. One of my favorite things about today is picking up our organic box of produce from Lily’s Organic Produce. After we pick up Aleyah from school, we swing by and get our fruits and veggies. When we get home, I put the kids to work washing, cutting, and eating. Today, Anna gave the corn on the cob a haircut before they went into the oven. She also helped cut the romaine. Joel helped season the zucchini and squash before they also went into the oven, and Aleyah helped with the romaine after her homework was finished. And what they cut up and fix, they more often than not will also eat. I also love that this box is an assortment of produce, and it makes me try various items that I might not normally purchase at the supermarket. So here’s to Thursday nights at the Terry household!